Awbrey Falls

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Awbrey Falls
Location Deschutes River
Coordinates 44°11′41″N 121°17′39″W / 44.1946°N 121.2943°W / 44.1946; -121.2943Coordinates: 44°11′41″N 121°17′39″W / 44.1946°N 121.2943°W / 44.1946; -121.2943
Type Plunge
Elevation 3,058 ft (932 m)
flow rate
150 cu ft/s (4.2 m3/s)

Awbrey Falls, is a waterfall located along Deschutes River in Deschutes County, in the U.S. state of Oregon.[1] The waterfall is known for a long lava tube beneath the cascade.[2]

The mandatory portage for Awbrey Falls is on the right. The main channel should not be approached because of the high current over the waterfall.[3]

Approximately one mile before Awbrey Falls is a difficulty 2+ graded, low ledge rapids called Pot Hole. Immediately after Awbrey Falls is White Mile rapids with a difficulty of 3 that increases downstream.[3]

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