Awin–Pa–Kamula languages

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Kamula – Elevala River
northern Western Province, Papua New Guinea
Linguistic classificationTrans–New Guinea
Awin-Pa-Kamula languages.svg
Map: The Awin–Pa–Kamula languages of New Guinea
  The Awin–Pa and Kamula languages
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The Awin–Pa or Awin–Pare languages – or, more precisely, Awin–Pa–Kamula – are a small family of the Trans–New Guinea languages (TNG)


The languages are just three, Aekyowm (Awin), Pare (Pa) and Kamula. They are not obviously related to each other, but Aekyowm and Pare are closer to each other than to Kamula.[3]


The reconstructed pronouns are 1sg *nɔ, 2sg *ɡo, 3sg *yɔ. Awin and Pare share 2du *gi.


Stephen Wurm (1975) added Awin and Pa to an expanded Central and South New Guinea branch of TNG, a position reversed by Ross (2005). The connection to Kamula was established by Usher.


Awin-Pa reflexes of proto-Trans-New Guinea (pTNG) etyma:[4]

Aekyom language:

  • kendoke ‘ear’ < *kand(e,i)k[V]
  • khatike ‘leg’ < *k(a,o)
  • ndok[V], kare ‘skin’ < *(ŋg,k)a(nd,t)apu
  • di ‘firewood, fire’ < *inda

Pa language:

  • keba ‘head’ < *kV(mb,p)(i,u)tu
  • ama ‘mother < *am(a,i)
  • di- ‘burn’ < *nj(a,e,i)


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