Awit sa Paglikha ng Bagong Pilipinas

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Awit sa Paglikha ng Bagong Pilipinas
English: Hymn of the Birth of the New Philippines
Coat of arms of the Philippines (1941–1943).svg

National anthem of the
Second Philippine Republic Second Philippine Republic

Lyrics Catalino S. Dionisio[1], 1942
Music Felipe Padilla de León, 1942
Adopted 1942
Relinquished 1945

Awit sa Paglikha ng Bagong Pilipinas (Tagalog: "Hymn of the Birth of the New Philippines"), also known by its incipit Tindíg! Aking Ináng Bayan (Tagalog: "Stand! My Motherland") is a patriotic song written by Filipino composer Felipe Padilla de León. It was commissioned during the Japanese Occupation of the Philippines and intended to supplant Lupang Hinirang (then sung to its English translation as the Philippine Hymn) as the national anthem. It was also sung by the members of the Hukbo ng Bayan Laban sa Hapon, however, the words bear sentiments against the Japanese at that time.

It was later re-used during the Martial Law period as the secondary national anthem (along with Lupang Hinirang), under the title Awit sa Paglikha ng Bagong Lipunan (Tagalog: "Hymn of the Birth of the New Society", which is different from Mulíng Pagsilang, also known as the "Bagong Lipunan Hymn", which was sung after the Philippine national anthem). The song was also sung by the Communist New People's Army through the title Tindíg Uring Anakpawis (Tagalog: "Arise, Working Class").

The Philippine Madrigal Singers recorded a rendition of the song for the album Bayan Ko, Aawitan Kita ("My Country, I Shall Sing For Thee"), an anthology of historic patriotic songs from the Spanish Era up to the 20th century that was released for the Philippine Centennial in 1998.


Original Tagalog lyrics Unofficial, literal English translation

Tindíg! Aking Ináng Bayan,
Lahing pilî sa silangan
Iwaksî natin ang nakaraán,
Yakapin ang bagong buhay.

Hawakan ang watawat
Ng pagpápakasipag
O bandila, iwasiwas
Ang pagbabagong tatág

Lakad at harapín
Pagtatanggól sa layunin
Sakit, hirap ay tiisín
Upang makamít ang mithiin

Gumawâ, bumuó, at magbatá
Itatág ang silangang Asya
Lupalop na maguinhawâ
Kasaganaang sama-sama

Stand! My Motherland
Chosen race in the East
Let us end the past
Embrace the new life.

Hold the flag
Of hardworking-ness
O banner, brandish
The founding anew.

Walk and face
Defence of the purpose
Pain, hardship suffer
In order to achieve the ideal.

Make, form, and endure
Establish East Asia
Continent of wealth
Prosperity all together.


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