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Awkuzu is a town in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra state of Nigeria.[citation needed]


The story of Origin Awkuzu,Awkuzu was one of the progenies of the fifth child of Eri his only daughter called Iguedo, who is also said to have borne the founders of Ogbunike, Nteje, Umuleri and Nando.[1]

Awkuzu which is the colonial corruption of the name, "OKUZU" is presently located in Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State and is bounded by Umunya and Nteje towns also in Oyi LGA, IfiteDunu, Ukpo and Ukwulu in Dunukofia LGA and Nando and Igbariam towns in today's Anambra East LGA, and Abba in Njikoka LGA.[citation needed]


Awkuzu is divided into three main parts: Ezi, Ifite and Ikenga sections according to seniority or birth order. Like most Eri-Awka towns of Igboland, each section is further divided into sub-villages.

  • Ezi has Iru-Anyika, Aka-Ezi, Igbu and Ozu.
  • Ifite section is made up of Amabo, Isioji, and Ifite-Umueri.
  • Ikenga has Ezinkwo, Nkwelle-Awkuzu, Umuobi, Ukpomachi,Dusogu,Otoko and Umudioka.

As a community, Awkuzu is famed for its large population which gave it the sobriquet as "Ibilibe Ogada" (the locust swarming fame), a title that steamed from 'glorified' local disputes with neighbors but now attached to the traditional stool.

Traditional Leadership[edit]

The origin of common leadership in Awkuzu predates the colonialists' entry into the Niger Delta and Igbo heartland in the 1800s. First, the people have had recognized primateship religious priesthood authority which was exercised by the Eze Ana who holds the Ofo-Awkuzu. Until about the 1700, when one of her powerful men, Mgbako was initiated into the Ozo-Atulu-Ukpa-Okala by his Umunya warrior friend, Igboegbunam Odezuluigbo (who himself received the title at Nri Anaocha), the priest of Ana provided political adjudicature as well as religious headship.[citation needed]

The title the traditional prime minister of Awkuzu is called "Nnamenyi" which was given to Late Chief Anaegboka Odife in the 1970s. He was succeeded by Chief Ogamba and later by the Late Obi John Ejikeme Nebeolisa.[citation needed]

The title of the traditional ruler of Awkuzu is called "EZE AWKUZU". this title is reserved for the heirs to the Ibilibe Ogada throne; the Aganama royal family of Awkuzu. The Nnamenyi title is only a chieftaincy title created by the Anambra state government for political and administrative purposes for communities in the state who did not have Royal Thrones. This goes to explain that the traditional rulership of Awkuzu 'EZE AWKUZU' is hereditary while the Nnamenyi, Igwe, Obi and other like titles can be given to anybody. Obi John Ejikeme Nnebolisa never was enthroned on the Nnamenyi Chieftaincy line as that title was fraudlently brought into Awkuzu by mischief makers for which they paid dearly for that sacrilege. Obi John Ejikeme Nnebolisa was rightfully and traditionally enthroned as "OBI NA EJELU EZE OZI" by the EZE of Awkuzu EZE AGANAMA who died years ago. Making the throne vacant as I write.

Other Key figures in Awkuzu include Late Chief Paul Ike Ogbogu, late Ichie J.N.A Nnanweuba, u, ENGR. Cyril O. Ofiaeli, Dr. Chira, and Sir. Emma Udenka (Permanent Secretary). All contributed immensely to the success of the town. The globally renowned curator and scholar Okwui Enwezor (1963-2019) is from Awkuzu.

Current prominent figures in Awkuzu include, Chief Osundu Igwilo, Hon. Chinedu Eluemuno, and Chief Eric Npoh Iloabuchi.


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