Awngthim language

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Native toAustralia
RegionCape York Peninsula, Queensland
Ethnicity[[]], Winduwinda
Extinct(date missing)
  • Mamngayt (Mamangathi)
  • Ntrwa'ngayth (Ndraangidh)
  • Thyanngayth
Language codes
ISO 639-3gwm
AIATSIS[2]Y31 Awngthim (cover term), Y39 Ntrwa'angayth

Awngthim is an Australian language spoken in Cape York in Queensland.


The name Awngthim is not a synonym of Anguthimri, though due to their similarity they have sometimes been confused.[3]


Dialects are Ntrwa'ngayth /ntʳwaʔŋajt̪/, Thyanhngayth /t̪jan̪ŋajt̪/, and Mamngayth /mamŋajt̪/. -Ngayth is a suffix common to many tribal names of the area. These are the Ntrwa'a, Thyanh, and Mam dialects.

The Ndrangith and Ndra'ngith languages have been confused with Ntrwa'ngayth.


Consonant Phonemes[edit]


Peripheral Laminal Apical Glottal
Bilabial Velar Palatal Dental Alveolar
Plosive p k c t ʔ
Fricative β ɣ ð
Nasal m ŋ ɲ n
Lateral l
Vibrant r
Approximant w j ɹ

Vowel Phonemes[edit]


Front Central Back
High i u
Mid e ə
Low a

See also[edit]

  • Ndra'ngith language, identified in Donohue (1991) as being the same as the Ntrwa'ngayth dialect, but seen as distinct by Sutton (2001)[2]


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