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Axalp and Lake Brienz

Axalp is a resort area in the Swiss Alps, located in the Bernese Oberland. It is composed of several hamlets between 1,458 and 1,535 metres (4,783 and 5,036 ft). The resort sits on a terrace overlooking Lake Brienz, in the region of Brienz. Axalp belongs to the latter municipality.

In winter Axalp includes a ski area.

Fliegerschiessen Axalp[edit]

2 F-5E Tiger over Wildgärst

The flight demonstration Axalp (also known as an aviator shooting Axalp) is an air show of the Swiss Air Force on the shooting range Axalp-Ebenfluh (also called Äbeflue) in the mountains at 2,250 m above sea level above the Axalp in Brienz Canton Bern. It is usually held annually over two days on the beginning of October. In each case, at 14:00 clock the event will be opened by a Cougar, which comes out shot over the ridge and firing in a steep turn all flares. This is followed by performances by fire-fighting and rescue operations with helicopters. Then offer the fighter pilots with their target shooting the main part. Suddenly emerging from the abyss they fire on the bright-colored cloths, which are the targets, and pull their machines seemingly at the last moment before the nearby mountain wall high around in a screwing behind the ridge dive. The Patrouille Suisse shows the result of their respective standard program. A demonstration of the Cougar is the conclusion of the event.


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Coordinates: 46°43′08″N 8°02′16″E / 46.71889°N 8.03778°E / 46.71889; 8.03778