Axel Aubert

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Axel Aubert.

Axel Aubert (11 December 1873 – 16 December 1943) was a Norwegian businessman and Director-General of Norsk Hydro.


He was born in Kristiania. He took his engineer's education in that city in 1893, as well as a doctorate in chemistry Basel in 1895. He became the managing director of Engene Dynamitfabrik and Norsk Sprængstofindustri. In 1926 he was hired as Director-General (CEO) of Norsk Hydro. He stayed in this position until 1936; after this he was chairman of the board from 1941 to 1943.[1] He was involved in the Norwegian heavy water sabotage.


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Business positions
Preceded by
Harald Bjerke
Director General of Norsk Hydro
Succeeded by
Bjarne Eriksen