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Axel Ingmar's List – Avesta Party (Swedish: Axel Ingmars Lista - Avestapartiet) is a local populist political party in Avesta, Sweden. AILAP was launched in 1994, just 12 days ahead of the elections. In the 1994 election, as there was no time to print their own ballots, the party used New Democracy's ballots together with the write-in option, so the party's candidates were technically elected as New Democracy politicians. The Party is led by Axel Ingmar, a former Moderate Party politician and has managed to win seats in the municipal assembly of Avesta in all four elections since their formation.

Election results[edit]

Year Votes Number of seats
1994 8.4% 4 of 49 seats
1998 13.1% 5 of 41 seats
2002 9.9% 4 of 41 seats
2006 4.65% 2 of 41 seats
2010 4.14% 2 of 41 seats