Axel Oxenstierna palace

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Axel Oxenstierna palace

Axel Oxenstierna palace in the Old Town of Stockholm was designed by architect Jean de la Vallée to Chancellor Axel Oxenstierna and the construction started in 1653.[1]

The palace became the headquarters for the 1668-1680 Swedish Central Bank and after a series of state institutional policy.[1]

The palace is uniquely conserved in particular to the exterior. There are state historic building since 1935 and is one of the Swedish architectural art's most significant and well-preserved works.[citation needed][clarification needed]

An old picture showing the Axel Oxenstierna Palace.

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Coordinates: 59°19′33.22″N 18°04′10.57″E / 59.3258944°N 18.0696028°E / 59.3258944; 18.0696028