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Axel Stoll (30 October 1948 – 28 July 2014)[1] was an extreme-right esoteric German geophysicist and conspiracy theorist. He wrote many books, including "Hochtechnologie im Dritten Reich" and "Das Wissen um die unterdrückte Physik - Ein Buch von Axel Stoll", combining pseudo-science and various conspiracy theories, especially concerning the Third Reich. He received notoriety through the publication of internet videos.

Vice described him as "probably Germany's best known conspiracy theorist".[2]

Conspiracy theories[edit]

Second World War[edit]

Several of Axel Stoll's conspiracy theories centered on World War II. He thought that Germany colonized the moon after the defeat of the Wehrmacht.

Aldebaran and the Races[edit]

Axel Stoll thought that the Aryan race actually are aliens from the star Aldebaran and that the earth is a jail planet for those who did wrong. In his opinion, all races are coming together to kill each other.