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The Axelrod quartet, on display in the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History. From left to right: Greffuhle violin (1709), Axelrod viola (1696), Ole Bull violin (1677), and Marylebone cello (1688).

The Axelrod quartet is a set of four Stradivarius instruments collected by Herbert R. Axelrod. The collection consists of the Greffuhle violin, Axelrod viola, Ole Bull violin, and Marylebone cello.

In 1997, Axelrod donated them to the Smithsonian Institution. Their value at the time was estimated at $50 million. [1]

The Axelrod quartet is occasionally used in performances.[2] In concert, the Servais Stradivarius, which is also in the Smithsonian's collection, is occasionally added to the Axelrod quartet.


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