Axim X50 series

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Axim X50v
Manufacturer Dell
Type PDA
Retail availability 2004
Media Secure Digital, CompactFlash
Operating system Windows Mobile Classic 2003SE, 5, and 6
CPU 624 MHz Intel XScale PXA 270
Display 3.7" VGA TFT screen w/ 16-bit color
Graphics intel 2700G
Input Touchscreen, Tactile buttons
Camera None
Connectivity 802.11b Wi-Fi , Bluetooth 1.2, Infra-Red
Power rechargeable lithium-ion Battery

The Axim X50 family is a set of Pocket PCs from Dell released in 2004. They are available in three models. Two named X50 (referred to as Low and Mid) and the high-end X50v. In 2005 Dell Axim X50 series received Red Dot Design Award as a recognition for its design.


The X50v retailed for $499 at the time of release. The v represented its VGA screen. The X50v remains one of the few devices to utilize the Intel 2700G 3D accelerator & video decoder with 16 MB video RAM. It allowed the device to render the 3D games included by Dell as well as others available retail. The device's memory has a built-in 128MB Intel StrataFlash ROM with 64MB RAM. The X50v shipped with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition but an upgrade was offered by Dell the next year to Windows Mobile 5.

While the X50 family has reached EOL, in mid-2007, an unofficial Windows Mobile 6 ROM for the X50v appeared.[1] This update requires the PDA to be upgraded to WM5 and then uses the bootloader to flash a WM6 ROM image from an SD card. The update works successfully and adds new features to the X50v.


  • 3.5" Quarter-VGA LCD screen with 16-Bit Color and Portrait/Landscape Support
  • Built-In CompactFlash expansion slot
  • Built-In Secure Digital expansion slot
  • Intel PXA270 Processor running at 416 MHz (Low)/ 520 MHz (Mid)
  • Available Built-In 802.11b Wi-Fi Certification (X50 Mid only)
  • Standard Built-In Bluetooth 1.2 Compliance
  • 64MB (Low)/ 128MB (Mid) Intel StrataFlash ROM with 64MB on-handheld RAM
  • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition (Upgradeable to Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows Mobile 6.0 with downloaded ROM Update)

The X50(Low) retailed for $299 USD and the X50(Mid) retailed for $399 at launch


The latest official Windows CE 2003 SE ROM build for the Axim is A05 (Released 8/18/05) and is located at

The latest official Windows Mobile 5 ROM build for the Axim is A02 (Released 12/27/06) and is located at

There is also an unofficial Windows Mobile 6 ROM that has been modified to run on the Axim X50v. The current revision is A03 Beta (Released 5/11/07)

There is also an unofficial Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM for Axim x50v. The current revision is A09 LennySh edition.[2]

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