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Axiom-man is a series of superhero novels written by Canadian author A.P. Fuchs. Axiom-man is the name of the first novel in the series and the series' main character.


Axiom-man (2006)[edit]

One night Gabriel Garrison was visited by a nameless messenger who bestowed upon him great power, a power intended for good. Once discovering what this power was and what it enabled him to do, Gabriel became Axiom-man, a symbol of hope in a city that had none. One night while patrolling Winnipeg, he notices a mysterious black cloud that seems to sap his powers. Shortly after, a new more powerful superhero called Redsaw appears. The people, now enamored with this new super-powered marvel, seem to have forgotten about Axiom-man and all he's done for them. A new worker called Gene Nemek appears at Gabriel's office, he has an obsession with Redsaw and never seems to be around when Redsaw is. Axiom-man must find out what Redsaw's agenda is and where that mysterious black cloud came from.

Doorway of Darkness (2007)[edit]

Gabriel Garrison's secret identity has been compromised. A mysterious anonymous letter promises to reveal he is Axiom-man unless he bows down to the sender's demands. And the timing cannot have been worse. Redsaw has become more powerful than when Axiom-man battled him on what has become known as Black Saturday, and he has determined to attain unstoppable power through the only means he knows how: murder. Chaos ensues and as the air is saturated with the stench of blood, Axiom-man must find the means to stop Redsaw before the whole world is swallowed in a web of death. Complicating matters, something strange is happening to Axiom-man's powers. The abilities he has put his faith in have changed. As time runs out and city streets are overrun with carnage and fear, Axiom-man is pushed to his breaking point as he tries to stop the madman's reign of terror, while also trying to discover what is happening to his powers and how they tie into a supernatural event that took place over five hundred years before.

First Night Out (2007)[edit]

This novel serves as a prequel showing more of how Axiom-man got his powers and what he did after he first got them.

The Dead Land (2008)[edit]

A young boy goes missing. Taken, in the middle of the night. No clues. Nothing except the remnants of a black cloud, like the one coughed up from inside the Doorway of Darkness. A black cloud that takes Axiom-man to a world not his own. A dead world, where a gray and brown sky shrouds an entire city in a miasma of decay. The streets are empty. The young boy is nowhere to be found. Those he does find...are dead. And walking. This novel takes Axiom-man to an alternate Winnipeg which is the setting for Fuchs' Undead World Trilogy.


Axiom-man has made two comicbook appearances so far.

Of Magic and Men[edit]

This graphic novel was written by A.P. Fuchs and drawn by Sean Simmans. Axiom-man must investigate the disappearances of several people who have been kidnapped by the Magic Man. This book crosses over with Fuchs' other novel, Magic Man.

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