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Axiom CMS is an open source content management system written on top of Axiom Stack.


Axiom CMS is a search based content management system that provides customizable edit forms and an asset management area. The front end is written using Dojo with a large number of hand coded widgets. The system supports a relational database store as well as a custom built object database built on Apache Lucene. It is licensed under the GPL.


  • Heavily search-centric. Easily find content by searching for keywords.
  • Hierarchical site structure with customizable navigation.
  • Supports modular page components (header, footer, widgets, etc.)
  • Edit forms can be auto-generated based on data models or customized for greater usability.
  • WYSIWYG content editing with FCK Editor. Other editors can be integrated.
  • Authentication and role-based authorization supported through Axiom Stack.
  • Includes many widgets designed to aid in managing content.



Axiom CMS was featured on the Google Analytics Featured Examples page as one of the first systems to integrate with their API.

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