Axis: Bold as Boognish

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Axis: Bold as Boognish
Studio album by Ween
Released 1987
Recorded 1987
Length 42:43
Ween chronology
The Crucial Squeegie Lip
Axis: Bold as Boognish
Erica Peterson's Flaming Crib Death

Axis: Bold As Boognish is the title of Ween's second DIY proto-album. Released on cassette by Bird O' Pray Records in 1987, the title is a parody of the Jimi Hendrix album Axis: Bold as Love. A high-quality, lossless copy is available (with the band's consent) at

The album is notable for a few cover tunes: "She Said, She Said" by the Beatles and "Aqua-ween," a version of Jethro Tull's "Aqualung". Additionally, the song "Bumblebee" was re-recorded and released on Ween's first legitimate album, GodWeenSatan: The Oneness (1990). The album was recorded primarily at Dean's, guest appearances include Scott Lowe and Chris Hoecke on backing vocals.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Kill Everything"   1:34
2. "Tweet Tweet"   1:17
3. "Going To The Beach"   2:26
4. "I Like You"   1:21
5. "Bumblebee"   1:34
6. "Emily"   1:30
7. "David The Negro"   1:48
8. "The Iron Whore"   2:23
9. "Wanton Nougat"   1:03
10. "Smoke My Brain"   1:09
11. "Ann (Live)"   0:49
12. "Aqua-Man"   2:51
13. "She Said, She Said" (Contains screams from Outroview from The Crucial Squeegie Lip) 2:20
14. "The Journey Into Dinh"   2:11
15. "Gene's Lament (Tree Love Theme)"   2:43
16. "Opus 15 Fugue Trilogy in A (Take Me to the Tree)" (A. Yurtle Swimming/B. The Tree/C. Bertha Gets The Mooshy Mooshy/D. The Kitty & The Squirrel/E. The Departure) 13:16
17. "One Love For Boognish"   2:23