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Axis Point
Origin England
Genres Rock, Blues rock, Melodic rock
Years active 1978–1980
Labels RCA
Associated acts Humble Pie, Boxer, Streetwalkers, Judas Priest, Family, Medicine Head, Ian Gillan Band
Members Charlie Whitney, Eddie Hardin, Charlie McCracken, Rob Townsend, Bobby Tench
Past members Les Binks
Axis Point/Boast of the Town
Axis Point Boast of the Town album cover.jpg
Axis Point/Boast of the Town re-issue 2003
Studio album by Axis Point
Released 2003
Recorded 1979
Genre Rock
Label RCA, BGO
Producer Axis Point
Axis Point chronology
Boast of the Town
(1980)String Module Error: Match not found1980
Axis Point/Boast of the Town CD re-issue
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic (4.25/5)[1]

Axis Point was an English rock band. The band signed to RCA[2] and released two albums in a twelve-month period, with a line-up including an eclectic mix of well known musicians of that time. They disbanded in 1980, after releasing their second album.[3]


The original line-up of Axis Point included, guitarist Charlie Whitney, keyboardist Eddie Hardin, bassist Charlie McCracken and drummer Les Binks.[4] They recorded Axis Point (1979). The songwriting on the album is split between Hardin and Whitney with McCraken co-writing "Woman of the world" and "Fire it up". After the recording of this album, Binks left and was replaced by Rob Townsend, who had been the drummer for Family. They recorded their second album Boast of the Town (1980). On this album Whitney and McCracken collaborate on most of the songs and added guitarist and vocalist Bobby Tench, who had previously been a member of Streetwalkers.[5]

Band members[edit]

Axis Point #1 [2]
  • Charlie Whitney (guitar)
  • Charlie McCracken (bass)
  • Eddie Hardin (keyboards, vocals)
  • Les Binks (drums)
Axis Point #2[2]
  • Charlie Whitney (guitar)
  • Charlie McCracken (bass)
  • Eddie Hardin (keyboards, vocals)
  • Rob Townsend (drums)

Additional musicians[edit]

  • Bobby Tench (on Boast of the Town) - Guitar, vocals[2]
  • Colin Horton Jennings - backing vocals
  • Ron Asprey - sax
  • Tony Cox - String Arrangements


Original releases[3]
  • Axis Point RCA 3009 (1979)
  • Boast of the Town RCA 25277 (1980)


Axis Point/Boast of the Town compilation[3]
  • BGO 576 (2002)
  • BGO Records 576 (2003)


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