Axis of Advance

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Axis of Advance
Origin Edmonton, Alberta
Genres Black metal, death metal
Years active 1998 (1998)–2008 (2008)
Labels Osmose Productions
Members Wör
J. Read

Axis of Advance was a Canadian death metal band from Edmonton, Alberta that formed in 1998 and dissolved in 2008. The band was formerly known as Sacramentary Abolishment until drummer Paulus Kressman left the band. Kressman went on to form another death metal band called Rites of Thy Degringolade and currently plays drums in the black metal band Weapon.

Axis of Advance consisted of three members: guitarist/vocalist Wör, bassist/vocalist Vermin and drummer J. Read, who is classified as a session member despite his position of being apparently permanent.

Vermin also plays session guitars in J. Read's main band Revenge and was involved in Weapon for a short period of time. Vermin and J. Read both play in Blood Revolt along with Primordial's A.A. Nemtheanga.


Title Released
Landline (CD) April 1999
Strike (CD/LP) November 2001
The List (CD/LP) October 2002
Obey (CD/LP) September 2004
Purify (mCD/mLP) January 2006

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