Axon Idea Processor

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Axon Idea Processor
Original author(s) Chan Bok
Developer(s) Axon Research
Initial release 1992 (1992)
Stable release Axon2013 R2.20 / Unknown release date
Written in Visual Prolog
Operating system Windows
Available in English
Type Mind Mapping

The Axon Idea Processor is a commercial Windows-based program that helps users visualize and process interrelated thoughts and ideas.


Axon Idea Processor was written in Visual Prolog by Mr. Chan Bok from Singapore as a tool for computer-assisted thinking and problem solving. Mr. Bok is a life member of the Operational Research Society of Singapore.


The Idea Processor may be purchased from the project website (noted in References). A reduced-functionality free demonstration version is available.


The processor is used for organizing ideas, brainstorming, concept mapping, mind mapping, analysis, flowcharting, and creative writing. A highly heuristic multi-level user workspace is manipulated using a wide array of linguistic, analytical, graphical and compositional idea generation tools. As a sketchpad for visualizing and organizing ideas, the Idea Processor exploits visual attributes such as color, shape, size, scale, position, depth, shadow, links, and icons. Visual cues help the user to facilitate recall, association, and discovery. Diagrams assist modeling and solving complex problems. Visualization tools reinforce short term memory and stimulate creativity.

Pre-defined templates as well as models provided by collaborative users have been developed for a wide variety of pre-defined creative, analytic or problem-solving graphical formats, such as:

  • hierarchical
  • flow-chart
  • critical-path
  • logical
  • data-flow
  • associational
  • contextual
  • pathway


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