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TypeComputer software
FounderHamid Shojaee
ParentResurgens Technology Partners

GitKraken (formerly Axosoft) is a software company based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 2000, the company was purchased in 2020 by Resurgens Technology Partners,[1] and changed its name from Axosoft to GitKraken in 2021.[2]


The company's eponymous product GitKraken is a suite of developer tools. The GitKraken Suite includes three tools: GitKraken Git GUI, a Git client available on Mac, Windows, and Linux, GitKraken Issue Boards, Kanban style boards, and GitKraken Timelines, an online timeline maker.


Initial release2002; 21 years ago (2002)
Stable release
20.0.1 / May 16, 2020; 2 years ago (2020-05-16)
Written inC#
Operating systemCross-platform
TypeBug tracking system, Project management software

The Axosoft (formerly OnTime) product is a proprietary project management and bug tracking system developed by GitKraken.

The system is available as hosted or on-premises software.[3] The software allows project managers and developers to see each task, requirement, defect and incident in the system on individual filing cards through the Scrum planning board.[4] Axosoft operates as a web application and can integrate with Microsoft Visual Studio and TortoiseSVN.[3][5]


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