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Aya was an Ancient Egyptian king's wife of the Thirteenth Dynasty (between 1803 and 1649 BCE).[1]

She is known from two sources. Aya appears on a stela now in Würzburg.[2] From this source it is clear that she was part of an influential family of high court officials and was related to the Vizier Ankhu.[1][3]

She also appears in the Papyrus Boulaq 18.[2] This is an administrative account belonging to the Theban palace of a Thirteenth Dynasty king. It was found in the tomb of the scribe of the great enclosure Neferhotep. The name of the king in this papyrus is only partly preserved.[1] Many scholars read the remains as Sobekhotep II, although other dispute that reading.[1] Other suggestions include King Sehetepkare Intef and King Imyremeshaw.[2] Therefore, there is some doubt over the identification of Aya's husband.[1]


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