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Aya Sumika (born Aya Sumika Koenig on August 22, 1980, Miami, Florida) is an American actress best known for her semi-recurring role (which later turned into a regular role) as FBI Agent Liz Warner in the television series Numb3rs.[1]

Personal life[edit]

She grew up in Seattle, Washington. Her mother is Japanese-American and her father is of Hawaiian ancestry. She has a younger step-brother named Henry and a younger step-sister named Hana from Sumika's mother's second husband who is of German ancestry.[2][3] She studied ballet at Juilliard.[4]

Her home is featured in Apartment Therapy House Tour.[5] Recently, she and her husband have been running a ribbon-oriented fashion and design company, Midori.


2005: Numb3rs: Liz Warner


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