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Ayala Corporation
Public (PSE: AC)
Founded Manila, Philippines (1834)

Domingo Roxas,

Antonio de Ayala
Headquarters Makati City, Philippines
Key people
Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, Chairman and CEO
Fernando Zobel de Ayala, President and COO
Mercedita S. Nolledo, Senior Counsel and Corporate Secretary
Delfin C. Gonzalez, Jr., Chief Finance Officer
John Eric T. Francia, Group Head of Corporate Strategy and Business Development
Revenue PHP94 billion (2011) [1]
PHP15.7 billion (2011) [1]
Website Ayala.com.ph

Ayala Corporation (Spanish: Ayala y Compañía) is the publicly listed holding company for the diversified interests of the Ayala Group. Founded in the Philippines by the Spanish Ayala and Roxas families during the Spanish colonial rule, it is the country's oldest and largest conglomerate. The company has a portfolio of diverse business interests, including investments in retail, real estate, banking, telecommunications, water infrastructure, renewable energy, electronics, information technology, and management and business process outsourcing.


The company started in 1834, with the formation of a distillery, Casa Roxas, by Domingo Roxas, the owner of a business house and Antonio de Ayala who used to work in Roxas' establishment.[2]

In the late 19th century, Ayala participated in the construction of the Puente de Ayala over the Pasig River in Manila. Built of wood in 1872, the Ayala Bridge was reconstructed in steel in 1908, and was the first steel bridge in the Philippines. In 1888, the corporation introduced the first tramcar service in the Philippines. Ayala was mainly responsible for the development of Makati as the financial district of Manila and the Philippines after World War II.

In April 2010, FinanceAsia named Ayala Corporation as the best-managed company in the Philippines, as well as best for corporate governance and best for corporate social responsibility.[3]

In 2011, Ayala began building its renewable energy portfolio, beginning with a joint venture with Mitsubishi for solar power, the purchase of the iconic Northwind farm for wind power, and its joint venture with Sta. Clara Power for run-of-the-river hydro power. Ayala will contribute 1000 MW to the Philippine power supply, by 2015.[4]

Attached Companies and Investments[edit]

The Ayala Corporation is currently the holding company for the following:

Real estate[edit]

Atayala Ayala Land Premier Alveoland Avida Land Alveo Leasing Ayala Malls

Financial Services[edit]



  • Manila Water Company Inc.
  • Ayala Corporation Energy Holdings, Ltd. (also known as AC Energy and AC Energy Holdings Inc.) is the power unit of Ayala Corporation, with investments in the development of conventional as well as solar, wind, and mini-hydro energy sources.[8][9][10][11] The wholly owned energy subsidiary of Ayala, AC Energy aims to contribute as much as 1,000 MW in capacity to the country's energy grid over the next five years.[12]
  • AC Infra - pursues toll road, rail and airport projects under government’s public-private partnership program.

Business Process Outsourcing and IT[edit]


Nonprofit organizations[edit]

  • Ayala Foundation [29]
    • CENTEX [30]
    • Ayala Museum [31]
    • Philippine Development Foundation [32]
    • Ayala Technology Business Incubator [33]
    • Filipinas Heritage Library [34]
    • Ayala Social Initiatives [35]


The Ayala Corporation has since diversified into joint ventures and collaborations with other companies to promote growth and domestic cooperation.

  • Light Rail Manila Consortium - a consortium between the Ayala Corporation and Metro Pacific Investments Corporation regarding the LRT Line 6 or more commonly known as the LRT Line 1 South Extension, the LRT Line 1 Common Station, and the LRT Line 1 Concession.[36]
  • AF Consortium - another consortium between the Ayala Corporation and Metro Pacific Investments Corporation regarding the unified Automated Fare Collection System for LRT-1, LRT-2, MRT-3, and eventually also for the PNR and other public transport.[37]
  • Team Orion - a consortium between the Ayala Corporation and Aboitiz Group. Its projects include the bid for Mactan-Cebu Airport, Mandaue City development and Cavite-Laguna Expressway.[38][39]
  • Affordable Private Education Center, Inc. (APEC Schools) - a joint venture between the Ayala Corporation and Pearson PLC's Affordable Learning Fund (Pearson ALF). It promotes affordable but high-quality education. The tuition fee is PHP 65.00 a day.[40][41]
  • Ayala and Ortigas - Ayala has recently sealed a deal with a group led by Ignacio Ortigas for the development of the Ortigas family's land bank area.[42]
  • Ortigas & Company Limited Partnership - Since November 2014, Ayala and SM Prime Holdings ended their dispute over the ownership of OCLP Holdings, the parent of Ortigas & Company.
  • Trident Infrastructure and Development Corporation (TIDC) - A joint-venture between Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV), Ayala Land Inc. (ALI), Megaworld Corporation (MEG) and SM Prime Holdings, Inc. (SMPH). It is aimed to develop the Laguna Lakeshore Expressway and Dike Project (LLEDP). [43]
  • Ayala-GT Capital - In May 2015, through Ayala's Alveo Land and GT Capital's Federal Land, the two corporations will develop a 45-hectare property in Biñan, Laguna, aimed towards mid-range and high-end markets.

Retirement of the Ayala chairman[edit]

In January 2006, the board of directors publicly announced the decision by Jaime Zobel de Ayala to retire as chairman of the corporation by April 2006. The board also announced Zobel de Ayala's appointment as chairman emeritus upon his retirement. His elder son, Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala, succeeded him as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the corporation, while his younger son, Fernando Zobel de Ayala, has assumed the position of President and Chief Operating Officer. The family holding company Mermac continues to hold a majority stake in Ayala Corporation.[44]

Oldest business house in Philippines[edit]

In 2009, Ayala celebrated its 175th anniversary. The company is credited for having contributed to the socio-economic development of the Philippines.[45]


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