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Ayalon Prison (Hebrew: בית סוהר איילון) (also known by its old name Ramla Prison) is a maximum-security prison in Ramla, Israel.

The prison was opened in 1950, and was built in the style of a Tegart fort. It is one of the four most secure criminal prisons of the Israel Prison Service.[1] The prison has 625 cells divided into 15 wings, including an isolation wing for prisoners in solitary confinement separated from the rest of the prison, which houses prisoners housed for security offenses being held in isolation. The prison has an educational center with six classrooms for primary education, English classes, computer classes, as well as subjects such as art, meditation, sports, and parenting, as well as a drug rehabilitation program, eight factories which employ inmates,[2] and a radio station operated by inmates selected and trained to operate it which broadcasts rehabilitative and educational content to all other criminal prisons in Israel.

Adolf Eichmann was executed there in 1962, and John Demjanjuk was kept there in 1986.[3] The isolation wing housed Yigal Amir, and Prisoner X (Ben Zygier) committed suicide there in December 2010.[4]


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Coordinates: 31°56′06″N 34°52′53″E / 31.935083°N 34.881270°E / 31.935083; 34.881270 (Ayalon Prison)