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Ayam Pelung or Pelung Chicken [1] (Pelung long crower) is a poultry breed from Cianjur, Indonesia. The males (roosters) are considered to be "singing chickens", with contests being frequent in the Pelung area for the most melodious crowing. A full grown male may weigh 5-6 kg (12-15 lb) and stand up to 50 cm (18 in) tall.

According to local myth, in 1850 H. Djarkasih (Mamak Acih), who was a local chicken hobbyist, religious teacher, and farmer in Bunikasih Village, Cianjur, Indonesia, found a young male chick in his garden and raised it. It matured quickly and uttered a long and melodious crow. Mamah Acih called it Ayam Pelung. [2]


Great Size and Posture[edit]

The Ayam Pelung is known for its large size and straight posture. A full-grown cock will reach 11-13 lbs and a hen 8 lbs. Their large size and quick growth rate makes them good broiler chickens.

Rapid Growth and Weight Gain[edit]

The Ayam Pelung grows very quickly compared with most other domestic poultry breeds.

Exceptional Crow[edit]

The Ayam Pelung is also known for its long, melodious crow.


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