Ayam goreng kalasan

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Ayam Goreng Kalasan
Ayam goreng kalasan.JPG
CourseMain course
Place of originIndonesia
Region or stateSleman, Yogyakarta
Created byMbo berek from Yogyakarta
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsAyam goreng served with kremesan

Ayam Goreng Kalasan is an Indonesian type of processed fried chicken that is typical from the area of Kalasan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The specialty of Kalasan Fried Chicken is the taste of the chicken which is savory and kremesan which is very distinctive. Because of its distinctive taste, Kalasan Fried Chicken has become one of the culinary that is very liked by the community and tourists visiting Yogyakarta.

The special taste of the Ayam goreng kalasan cannot be separated from the intervention of Mbok Berek, a person who first introduced this fried chicken. According to several sources, Mbok Berek first introduced him through his small food stall in the area of Tirtomartani Village, Kalasan District, precisely on the side of the Jogja - Solo road. Because the taste is unique and different from other fried chicken at that time, Mbok Berek fried chicken is very popular with the people there.

The specialty of Ayam goreng kalasan is its crispy, crispy kremesan. The crispy taste of kremesan is made from starch flour dough, so that it produces crispiness and not hardness. For chickens used are usually native chicken seasoned with salt and onions. Although the seasoning used is fairly simple, it can produce a savory flavor that fits right on this fried chicken. In addition, the chicken is cooked in a special way so as to produce tender meat and has perfect maturity.[1]

Ayam goreng kalasan is usually served with vegetables such as cucumbers, basil leaves, and sliced cabbage. In addition, special chili sauce is made to accompany this fried chicken. For one serving of fried chicken contains one fried chicken without claws and viscera. Ayam goreng kalasan is very suitable to be served while warm with warm rice too. For kremesan, usually served separately, so one is free to use it according to taste.

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