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Ayami Kojima
Born 小島 文美
Known for character design, illustration

Ayami Kojima (小島 文美 Kojima Ayami?) is a Japanese game and concept artist who is best known for her work on the Castlevania series of video games with Konami. She is self-taught[1] and enjoys reading shōnen manga.

Style and media[edit]

Media which Kojima has often employed in paintings include the use of molding paste, Conté Crayon, acrylics, India ink, gloss polymer medium, stumps and finger smudging.

Generally speaking, the sketch and composition is laid out using the Conté crayon. Shadows are darkened monochromatically using both Conté and India ink. The color composition is then blocked in using diluted acrylics. The three-dimensional textured aspects in the majority of her paintings are created using molding paste and a palette knife. During the addition of stronger colors additional water and the artists' fingers (smudging) are used to create the glowing gradiation which is apparent in much of Kojima's artwork. Once the base paint is finished, metallic paints are applied with a palette knife. Glows and highlights are enhanced using a gloss polymer medium.


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