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Kogi State and Ondo State, Nigeria
Linguistic classificationNiger–Congo

The Ayere–Ahan languages are a pair of languages of southwestern Nigeria, Ayere and Àhàn (or Ahaan), that form an independent branch of the Volta–Niger languages. These languages are spoken in the border region of Kogi State and Ondo State, Nigeria.

The ASJP 4.0 classifies the Ayere–Ahan languages as most closely related to the Yoruboid languages.[2]

Names and locations[edit]

Below is a list of Ayere–Ahan language names and locations from Blench (2019).[3]

Language Alternate spellings Endonym(s) Location(s)
Ahan Àhàn Ondo State, Ekiti LGA, Ajowa, Igashi, and Omou towns
Uwu Ayere Kwara State, Oyi LGA, Kabba District

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