Ayish Bayou

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Ayish Bayou
Country United States
Basin features
Main source San Augustine County
31°37′N 94°06′W / 31.617°N 94.100°W / 31.617; -94.100
River mouth 31°04′N 94°05′W / 31.067°N 94.083°W / 31.067; -94.083Coordinates: 31°04′N 94°05′W / 31.067°N 94.083°W / 31.067; -94.083
Basin size San Augustine County, Jasper County, Texas
Physical characteristics
Length 47 miles (76 km)

Ayish Bayou is a river in Texas. Ayish Bayou begins about 7 miles (11 km) north of San Augustine in northern San Augustine County, near the county line at Shelby, Texas. The course of the stream runs southeast for 47 miles (76 km) through the center of the county, before discharging into the Angelina River in northern Jasper County, Texas

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