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The Aylesbury Music Centre BIG band is a school-aged big band based at the Aylesbury Music Centre in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England.

The BIG Band has an average age of only 16 years and is directed by Nick Care. They have received 28 major national awards.[1] They are also the only band to win the Daily Telegraph Young Jazz Competition national award twice.[2] They have played in many famous venues, and with many notable artists.

Major awards[edit]

  • The BBC National Big Band Competition (4 times)
  • The National Festival of Music for Youth - Outstanding Performance Award (9 times)
  • The Daily Telegraph Young Jazz Competition National Award (2 times)
  • The Montreux Jazz Festival - Outstanding Performance Award




Television and Radio[edit]

The BIG Band has made numerous appearances on television as well as being featured on national radio.[2] These include:

International Artists[edit]

The BIG Band have worked, and shared the stage, with many international artists,[3] including:


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