Aylsham North railway station

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Aylsham North
Place Aylsham
Area Broadland
Grid reference TG199278
Pre-grouping Eastern & Midlands Railway
Post-grouping Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway
Eastern Region of British Railways
Platforms 2
5 April 1883 Opened (Aylsham Town)
c1902 Renamed (Aylsham)
27 September 1948 Renamed (Aylsham North)
2 March 1959 Closed
Disused railway stations in the United Kingdom
Closed railway stations in Britain
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This article is about the former Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway station. For the Bure Valley Railway station see Aylsham South railway station.

Aylsham North railway station was a station in Aylsham, Norfolk on the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway line from the Midlands to the Norfolk Coast. It was closed in 1959 along with the rest of the line. It was demolished following the closure, and is now a car park for the Weavers Way footpath.[1]


Opened by the Eastern and Midlands Railway, it became a Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway station. During the Grouping of 1923 it converted to a joint operation of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway and the London and North Eastern Railway with the latter taking sole operation in 1936.

The station then passed on to the Eastern Region of British Railways on nationalisation in 1948, and was closed by the British Transport Commission.

The site today[edit]

The only remaining structure in the yard is the goods depot, which is visible from the road.

Former Services
Preceding station Disused railways Following station
Bluestone   Midland and Great Northern
Yarmouth Line

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Coordinates: 52°48′10″N 1°15′39″E / 52.80290°N 1.26079°E / 52.80290; 1.26079