Ayman al-Fayed

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Ayman al-Fayed
Born 1965
Palestinian territories
Died February 15, 2008
Bureij, Gaza strip, Palestinian territories

Ayman al-Fayed (Arabic: ايمن الفايد ‎‎) (1965 – February 15, 2008) was a Palestinian commander of al-Quds Brigades, the armed branch of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. He operated primarily in the Bureij Palestinian refugee camp.


According to Islamic Jihad, Al-Fayed and eight other Palestinians were killed when an Israeli missile struck his home in the Bureij Palestinian refugee camp near Gaza on February 15, 2008.[1] An Israeli military spokesman said that Israeli forces had no involvement in the incident; later investigations showed the blast was caused by a "work accident" in which the explosives were accidentally detonated at the home used as an arsenal or bomb factory.[2]