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Aymara may refer to:

Languages and people[edit]

  • Aymaran languages, the second most widespread Andean language
    • Aymara language, the main language within that family
    • Central Aymara, the other surviving branch of the Aymara(n) family, which today includes only the endangered Jaqaru/Kawki language
  • Aymara people, the native ethnic group identified with the speakers of Altiplano Aymara


  • Corazón Aymara (English: Aymara Heart), 1925 Bolivian silent feature film directed by Pedro Sambarino
  • Grupo Aymara, Bolivian folk troupe of traditional music of pre-Hispanic and contemporary music of the Andes
  • Socialist Aymara Group (Spanish: Grupo Aymara Socialista), left-wing indigenous political group in Bolivia