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Ayoub Qanir
Ayoub on the set of Artificio Conceal
Nationality American
Education Harvard University, University of Miami, Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
Occupation Film director, writer, industrial designer
Years active 2001–present

Ayoub Qanir is an American, film director, writer and designer best known for his award winning experimental film series Human After All,[1] featuring French music duo Daft Punk. As a follow up to his debut feature-project, Koyakatsi, Ayoub has recently completed work on his latest film, Artificio Conceal, set in London and starring leading actors David Bailie and Simon Armstrong. Artificio Conceal has been selected to over 50 film festivals worldwide including Cannes Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Seattle International Film Festival.[2] Qanir is also a member of the Association for Computing Machinery and the United Nations Association of the United States of America.[3]


Qanir grew up in Madrid where he attended The American School of Madrid.[4] He then moved to Florida where he graduated from the University of Miami with a B.A. in management and finance.[citation needed] Shortly after graduating, he obtained a degree in art direction and design and moved to Los Angeles to pursue film direction at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

He is currently attending a graduate program in nanotechnology at Harvard University.[5]


Qanir wrote and directed Koyakatsi, an upcoming sci-fi/thriller, based on his theoretical work on the breaking point into augmented intelligence. The film project, starring Szymon Bartoszek and Magda Roman was shot primarily in Warsaw, Poland.[6] During early stages of production Qanir commissioned fantasy artist Kilian Eng to help create the sets, scenes and concept art of the film. The original score for the movie was written by guitarist and composer Kodi Najm and main theme was released on iTunes and Amazon on October 9, 2012.[7][8] Koyakatsi is a production of Qanir' s Transient Films and Brasil 3D in collaboration with AM Productions and Mañana Films.[6][9]

At the release, the concept-teaser garnered national and international press and has become an online hit.

Tilt Your Perspective Campaign[edit]

In December 2013, Ayoub became the new face to the international viral campaign Tilt Your Perspective.[10]



  • "Artificio Conceal" (2015) (writer, director)[11]
  • "Koyakatsi" (2018) (writer, director)[12]
  • "Human After All (2012) (director)[13]
  • "Moonwalker" (2013)[14]
  • "A Few Hours In" (2007) (writer, director, producer) [15]


  • "New Orleans" (2010) (director, producer)[16]
  • Live at Little Radio (2009) (director)[17]
  • "Aprende Más! (2009) (director, producer)[18]

Music Videos[edit]

Graphic novels[edit]

  • Fennec Knows Best[24]
  • Beyond The Bond[27]


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