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Coordinates: 54°19′37″N 4°26′38″W / 54.327°N 4.444°W / 54.327; -4.444

Sheading of Ayre

Ayre (/ɛər/ AIR; Manx: Inver Ayre) is one of the six sheadings of the Isle of Man.

It is located in the north of the island (part of the traditional North Side division) and consists of the three historic parishes of Andreas, Bride and (Kirk Christ) Lezayre.

The town of Ramsey, which is administered separately, covers areas of two historic parishes (Lezayre, and Maughold (parish) in the sheading of Garff). It is treated as part of Garff for most purposes, e.g. the coroner.[1]

Other settlements in the sheading include Glen Auldyn and Sulby (both in the parish of Lezayre).


The derivation of the word ayre is from Old Norse "eyrr", meaning a shingle beach. It refers to a storm beach forming a narrow spit of shingle or sand cutting across the landward and seaward ends of a shallow bay. This may partly cut off a sheltered stretch of water from the sea to form a shallow freshwater loch.[2] This word is still in use for the particular landform in the Northern Isles of Scotland.

MHKs and elections[edit]

This information is incomplete.

Year Election Turnout Candidates
1903 General Election ?
1913 General Election


1919 General Election


  • Richard Cain, elected
  • William Charles Southward CP JP, elected
  • Daniel Joughin Teare CP JP, elected
  • ?
1924 General Election ?
  • Richard Cain, elected
  • John Crellin, elected
  • Daniel Joughin Teare CP JP, elected
  •  ?
1929 General Election ?
1934 General Election ?
  • Ewan Farrant, elected
  • Arthur James Cottier, elected
  • Daniel Joughin Teare CP JP, elected
  •  ?
1962 General Election ?
1966 General Election
  • ?
  • Robert Kerruish, elected


1976 General Election
Called following the elevation to the LegCo of Percy Radcliffe.
1980 By-Election


1981 General Election


  • John Norman Radcliffe, elected
  • Clare Christian, elected
  • David Cannan
Ayre becomes a 1-seat constituency, previously having had 2 seats.
Norman Radcliffe elevated to LegCo in 1985.
1986 General Election 80.8%
  • Edgar Quine (831 votes, elected)
  • Clare Christian (765 votes)
  • A Robertson (109 votes)
1991 General Election
  • Edgar Quine, elected unopposed
1996 General Election 72.9%
  • Edgar Quine (1246 votes, elected)
  • Eva Bradley (167 votes)
2001 General Election 59.4%
  • Edgar Quine, 1038 votes, elected
  • Thurston Arrowsmith, 202 votes
Called following the resignation of Edgar Quine.



  • Eddie Teare, 733 votes, elected
  • John Crellin, 542 votes
  • Hazel Bradley, 283 votes

General Election

  • Eddie Teare, elected unopposed

General Election


  • Eddie Teare, 1060 votes, elected
  • Andrew Newington-Bridges, 429 votes
  • Pat Ayres, 134 votes

In 2016 the constituency was abolished.

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