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Family name
Pronunciation Air-riss
Region of origin Northamptonshire
Related names Aris, Ayris, Ayrifs [1]

The Ayriss family as known so far is split into two branches; The Kings Sutton Ayrisses and the Croughton Ayrisses.

Early History and spelling[edit]

The Ayriss family history has been traced back to the mid-17th century. The earliest confirmed family member is John Aris born 17 February 1648 [2] in a place called Eydon Northamptonshire. The name has undergone superficial spelling changes starting out as Aris, changing briefly to Ayrifs in the late 1700 before becoming Ayris in the 19th century and finally becoming mainly Ayriss and Ariss in the 20th century.

As a mini One Name Study researcher of Aris & its variants I have found many spellings of this short surname.

I have not found that the name changes with time or by area, more that the spelling changes with clergy or whomever else was literate enough to complete required documents.

Phonetics,local dialects & illiteracy compound the choice of spellings.

A surname with double S characters was often written as what looks like fs

Variations on name found

Aris/s, Arriss, Airis/s, Aires/s, Ayris/s, Ayres/s, Ariss


Due to the rarity of the name it is generally accepted that if your surname is Ayriss you are related to either of the two major branches. The two major branches may have been related 400 years ago but as they have moved apart the two branches are no longer related even though they share the same surname.


The surname is generally thought to have originated in the Northamptonshire area. The Ayriss family has spread out since the 17th century. The Ayriss family is still congregated in the midlands area in Coventry and Leicester.


The Ayriss family website is one illustration of the vast amount of information collected on the Ayriss family history. It represents over 20 years of genealogical research.


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