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Ayroor is located in Kerala
Ayroor is located in India
Location in Kerala, India
Coordinates: 9°22′0″N 76°43′0″E / 9.36667°N 76.71667°E / 9.36667; 76.71667Coordinates: 9°22′0″N 76°43′0″E / 9.36667°N 76.71667°E / 9.36667; 76.71667
Country  India
State Kerala
District Pathanamthitta
 • Official Malayalam, English
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 689611/689612
Telephone code 04735/0469
Vehicle registration KL-03/KL 62
Nearest city 130 KM to Trivandrum and Cochin
Literacy 97%
Lok Sabha constituency Pathanamthitta

Ayroor (also spelt Ayiroor (Malayalam: അയിരൂര്‍) is a village located in the western part of Ranni Taluk, in the Pathanamthitta District in Kerala state, India. It is bordered by hills and located near the Western Ghats. Ayroor was previously part of Tiruvalla Taluk in Alleppey District and is considered part of Edanadu in Kerala.[1] The Pamba River flows on the southern side of the village, making the soil around the village very fertile.


The Pamba River and the surrounding hills make Ayroor a picturesque location in central Travancore. Residents of Ayroor cultivate coconut, rubber, cocoa, tapioca, plantains, cinnamon, pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, rambutan and other crops, making the per capita income of the residents higher than the state average.[citation needed] The nearest airports are the Cochin International Airport, located 127 kilometers away, and Trivandrum International Airport, 120 kilometers away. 

One of the highlights of Ayroor is the Cherukolpuzha Hindu Parishad, a religious festival that is held for a week in February. Every year since 1912 the festival is held on the dry bed of the Pamba river.[2] Snakeboat races also attract people to the village.[3]


Ayroor has numerous churches and temples, as various sections of Christianity and Hinduism co-exist harmoniously, nearly equal in both numbers and social status. This harmony allows Ayroor to avoid any major incidents relating to religion. There are few Muslims and Mosques in Ayroor, although the small Muslim community that lives across the river Pamba will often use facilities, like schools, in Ayroor.[citation needed]

Main temples[edit]

  • അയിരൂർ രാമേശ്വരം ശ്രീ മഹാദേവ൪ ക്ഷേത്രം
  • Ayroor Puthiyakavu Devi Temple
  • Edappavoor Devi Temple
  • Velliyara Sri Mahadeva Temple

× kulanjikompil nagakavu ,njozhoor,ayroor N

  • Ayroormadam Sree Subrahmanyaswami Temple
  • Ayroor Sree Narayanamangalam Temple
  • Kanjeettukara Sree Dharmasastha Temple
  • Palolikkavu Devi Temple, Kavinmukku
  • Puthezham Sree Sankarodaya mahadeva Temple
  • Puthen Sabarimala Temple
  • Kanjeettukara Sree Virad Viswakarma Temple
  • Mookkannoor Sree Mahadeva Temple
  • Sreemadom Devi Temple
  • Virad Viswakarma Temple

Main churches[edit]

  • Mar Behnan's Orthodox Old Church, Cherukolpuzha, in Ayroor's south.
  • St. Thomas Malankara Catholic Church THEKKUMKAL, Ayroor
  • Mor Ignatius Jacobite Syrian Church, Kanjeettukara, Ayroor
  • Carmel Mar Thoma Church, Plankamon, Ayroor
  • St. Thomas Orthodox Valiya Palli, Mathappara, Ayroor
  • Salem Mar Thoma Church, Kottathur, Ayroor
  • St. Thomas Mount Evangelical Church.
  • St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, Edappavoor.
  • Bethel Mar Thoma Church, Edappavoor
  • Chayal Mar Thoma Church, Ayroor North.
  • Jubily Mar Thoma, Kanjeettukara.
  • Thadithra Mar Behnans Orthodox Church, Ayroor South
  • Lourdes Matha Roman Catholic Church & Ashram, Ayroor South.
  • St. Patrik Malankara Church, Ayroor North
  • AG Church Kanjeettukara, Ayroor North,
  • Sehion Mar Thoma Church, Ayroor South
  • St. Paul's CMS Anglican Church, Ayroor
  • Seventh Day Adventist
  • St. John's Salem Orthodox Church, Kottathur, Ayroor South
  • St. Mary's Orthodox Cheriya Pally, Ayroor North.
  • Zion Evangelical Church, Kanjeettukara.
  • Mor Kuriakose Jacobite Syrian Puthen Palli, Plankamon
  • Mor Gregorious Church, Edappavoor
  • All Saint's CSI Church Ayroor


  • Thilakan (Malayalam Film Actor)
  • Most Rev Dr. Yuhanon Marthoma Metropolitan
  • Most Rev Dr.Thomas Mar Makarios Metropolitan
  • Rt Rev. T.S. Joseph, Bishop CSI
  • Rt.Rev. Dr. Mathews Mar Athanasius Episcopa
  • T K A Nair(former Principal Secretary of the Prime Minister of India)
  • T K Krishnankutty Nair I A S
  • Ayroor Sadashivan, famous playback singer

Main attractions[edit]

  • Puthiyakavu Boat Race
  • Cherukolpuzha Hindu Matha Maha Mandalam (Convention)[4]
  • Ayroor Carmel Mandiram (Destitute Home: Estd in 1953)
  • Carmel Balika Bhavan (Estd. in 1970)
  • Carmel Ashram (Old Age Home: Estd. in 1979)
  • Carmel Hospital (Estd. in 1987)
  • Carmel Tailoring School (Estd. in 1975)
  • Carmel dairy unit
  • Carmel Community Centre and Auditorium
  • Kalaalayam auditorium
  • Velampady & Vazhakkunnam aqueducts (PIP- Canal)
  • Edappavoor Palliyodam
  • Edappavoor-Peroor Palliyodam
  • Kottathur Palliyodam
  • Ayroor Palliyodam Cherukolpuzha
  • Panchyathu Stadium, Ayroor
  • Puthiyakavu Devi temple
  • Bhagavathy Temple, Kadayar
  • Oceana Springs Drinking water plant, Cherukara Buildings, Velanpadi


  • Govt. LP School, Cherukolpuzha,(Pempallikkoodam)
  • Technical Higher Secondary School, Ayroor (managed By IHRD).
  • M.T. High School, Mathappara, Kottathur.
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School, Ayroor.
  • Zion English Medium School, Ayroor.
  • NSS Higher Secondary School, Thadiyoor, Ayroor
  • SNDP Vocational Higher Secondary school, Kanjeetukara, Ayroor
  • SNDP UP School, Plankamon Ayroor
  • Govt LP School, Plankamon Ayroor
  • Govt LP School, Kanjeettukara-Near Puthezham Temple
  • Mathan Mappilai Memorial Public School, Theodical (CBSE)
  • T.N.A.M LP school Kanjeettukara
  • M.M.L.P.S. Edappavoor
  • SDA English Medium School, Cherukolpuzha
  • L.p.g.school,Thekumkkal-kottathur

Spiritual Center[edit]

  • SNDP Gurumandiram Plankamon
  • Ayroor Carmel Ashram
  • SNDP Gurumandiram Vettikadu, Kottathur
  • Ayroor Centre Mar Thoma -C S I convention, known as carmel convention

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