Ayrshire Amateur Football Association

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Ayrshire Amateur Football Association
Country Scotland
Confederation UEFA
Founded 1935
Divisions 5
Number of teams 55
Level on pyramid N/A
Promotion to None
Relegation to None
Domestic cup(s) Scottish Amateur Cup
West of Scotland Cup
Current champions Hurlford Thistle

The Ayrshire Amateur Football Association is a football (soccer) league competition, primarily for amateur clubs in the Ayrshire region of Scotland. The association was founded in 1935, making it one of the oldest in the country. The association is affiliated to the Scottish Amateur Football Association.

Member Clubs[edit]

As of season 2014–15, the Ayrshire AFA had 55 member clubs, listed hereafter in their respective leagues :

League Structure[edit]

The Ayrshire AFA is split into five single tiers - a Premier Division at the summit with four divisions below, each on a separate level. Each tier has two promotion/relegation positions between divisions.

The league setup for season 2014-15:




Ayrshire AFA Premier Division
12 clubs playing 22 games


Ayrshire AFA Division One
12 clubs playing 22 games


Ayrshire AFA Division Two
12 clubs playing 22 games


Ayrshire AFA Division Three
12 clubs playing 22 games


Ayrshire AFA Division Four
7 clubs playing 18 games

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