Ayrshire Central Hospital

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Ayrshire Central Hospital
NHS Ayrshire and Arran
Ayrshire Central Hospital - geograph.org.uk - 56348.jpg
Location Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland
Care system NHS Scotland
Emergency department No
Founded 1941 by Ayr County Council
Website http://www.nhsaaa.net/hospitals-and-health-centres/ayrshire-central-hospital.aspx
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Ayrshire Central Hospital, also known as Irvine Central Hospital, is an NHS hospital in Irvine, North Ayrshire, Scotland. It is run by NHS Ayrshire and Arran.


It is currently providing Young Disabled/Rehabilitation services, and has a number of assessment beds for the Elderly Mental Health Service.[1]


The hospital site is constructed on land which was formerly part of the southern portions of the Eglinton Castle Estate. The hospital was built by the now defunct Ayr County Council from 1936 and was opened in stages from 1941 and became fully operational by 1945. The original hospital buildings were constructed as a series of Pavilions - a reminder that the hospital was primarily designed for use as a Fevers and Contagious Diseases hospital. The Pavilions south of the Red Burn (which officially lie in Irvine) were set aside for use for Maternity and Neonatal Services. The Pavilions north of the Red Burn (which officially lie in Kilwinning) were originally dedicated to the treatment of Fevers, Polio and Outpatients. It transferred to the control of the National Health Service in 1948.

Flooding incident[edit]

On 1 December 2005 the maternity building was flooded by a burst water tank. The flooding threatened the special care baby unit and took fire crews from Dreghorn, Kilwinning and Kilmarnock 3 hours to control.[2]

Maternity and neonatal units[edit]

Until 2006 the hospital provided neonatal intensive and special care associated with in-patient maternity services.[3] Births at the hospital were often those that could involve complications;[4] Until 1970's uncomplicated births were usually at home or at the nearby Buckredden Maternity Home in Kilwinning.[4] People who were born in the area are often interested in the hospital for genealogical reasons.[5]

Ayrshire Paediatric services were centralised at Crosshouse in July 2006.[6] Maternity services moved to the new Ayrshire Maternity Unit at Crosshouse Hospital in August 2006.[7]


Ayrshire Central Hospital hosts mobile telephony equipment of Vodafone, but the company proposed (sometime between 2005 and 2006) to replace it with newer 3G towers at another location.[8]


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