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The chapel in Aytua

Aytua is a former commune in Pyrénées-Orientales (France).


Aytua is located east of the commune of Escaro and northwest of Thorrent, another former commune.


Originally independent, since 20 March 1822, it is linked with Escaro.[1]

Politics and administration[edit]

Seal of Aytua (1815)


Mayor Term start Term end
Joseph Parent Raulet[2] ? June 1815
Sébastien Parent[2] June 1815 ?

Sites of interest[edit]

  • Saint-Christine chapel, from the 16th century.


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Coordinates: 42°32′22″N 2°19′57″E / 42.53944°N 2.33250°E / 42.53944; 2.33250