Ayu-mi-x 7 Version Acoustic Orchestra

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Ayu-mi-x 7:
Version Acoustic Orchestra
Remix album by Ayumi Hamasaki
Released April 20, 2011
Recorded 1998-2011
Genre Acoustic
Label Avex Trax
Producer Max Matsuura
Ayumi Hamasaki chronology
Ayu-mi-x 6 (-Silver/Gold-)
(2008)String Module Error: Match not found2008
Ayu-mi-x 7 (House/Orchestra
A Classical
(2013)A Classical2013

Ayu-mi-x 7: Version Acoustic Orchestra is a remix album released by Japanese pop singer Ayumi Hamasaki on April 20, 2011, alongside the other remix albums of Ayu-mi-x 7 project.[1] This is her seventh entry in the Ayu-mi-x remix album series, and her first Ayu-mi-x album since 2008's Ayu-mi-x 6 (it was released in Gold and Silver version ).

Album was originally scheduled to be released on March 30, but it was postponed due to the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami and was released on April 20.

This album contains acoustic remixes of Ayumi's songs.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Whatever (Arranged by CMJK) (from Loveppears)
  2. Hanabi (Arranged by Shingo Kobayashi) (from Rainbow)
  3. Moments (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma) (from My Story)
  4. Kanariya (Arranged by Yuta Nakano) (from Loveppears)
  5. Heaven (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma) (from (Miss)understood)
  6. Never Ever (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma) (from I Am...)
  7. Trust (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma) (from A Song for ××)
  8. Audience (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma) (from Duty)
  9. Evolution (Arranged by Yuta Nakano) (from I Am...)
  10. Blue Bird (Arranged by Akimitsu Homma) (from Secret)
  11. You were... (Arranged by CMJK) (from Rock 'n' Roll Circus)
  12. Forgiveness (Arranged by Shingo Kobayashi) (from Memorial Address, A Complete: All Singles)
  13. Love (Destiny) (Arranged by Nobuyuki Tsujii) (from Loveppears)

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Oricon Overall Sales Chart (Japan)

Release Chart Peak position Debut sales Sales total
April 20, 2011 Oricon Daily Charts 4
Oricon Weekly Charts 5 14,360
Oricon Monthly Charts 25 17,209 18,687


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