Ayu-mi-x II Version Non-Stop Mega Mix

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Ayu-mi-x II Version Non-Stop Mega Mix
Remix album by Ayumi Hamasaki
Released March 29, 2000
Genre EDM
Label Avex Trax
Ayumi Hamasaki chronology
Ayu-mi-x II Version Acoustic Orchestra
(2000)Ayu-mi-x II Version Acoustic Orchestra2000
Ayu-mi-x II Version Non-Stop Mega Mix
Ayu-mi-x III Non-Stop Mega Mix Version
(2001)Ayu-mi-x III Non-Stop Mega Mix Version2001

The Ayu-mi-x II Version Non-Stop Mega Mix is the final installment of the ayu-mi-x II series, this album featured remixes from the other three installments mixed together by producer Shoji Ueda into a 70-minute megamix. Disc 2 featured all new remixes, including an unfinished version of "Far Away" (Hal's Mix 2000) and 6 mixes done by then-amateur producers using vocal tracks included on singles. It was released three weeks after the other installments, on March 29, 2000. It is the 14th best selling remix album worldwide for selling 515,410 copies.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. Kanariya "Main Radio Mix"
  2. Fly High "Vincent De Moor Remix Radio Edit"
  3. Whatever "Ferry 'System F' Corsten Vocal Edit Mix"
  4. Appears "Junior's Appears on the Air"
  5. Boys & Girls "Junior's Radio Version"
  6. And Then "Rhythm Masters Vocal 7inch Mix"
  7. Too Late "Soul Solution Remix"
  8. Boys & Girls "Main Radio Mix"
  9. Trauma "Thunderpuss Remix"
  10. End Roll "Mumu Dub Mix"
  11. Fly High "Sample Madness Remix 2"
  12. Monochrome "Orb7 Vocal Mix"
  13. Who... "Who Dub It?"
  14. To Be "Acoustic Version"
  15. Whatever "FPM's Winter Bossa"
  16. Boys & Girls "Inskadisco mix"
  17. Too Late "Lab LIFe Remix"
  18. And Then "Future Disc Mix"
  19. Immature "Club Bahia Mix"
  20. P.S II "Dub's Kingship Remix"
  21. appears "DJ-Turbo Remix"
  22. Fly High "Groove That Speed Mix"
  23. Monochrome "D-Z White Instinct Mix"
  24. Trauma "Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix"
  25. End Roll "Da urban maestro mix"
  26. Who... "Blue Obsession Mix"

Disc two[edit]

  1. Far Away "Hal's Mix 2000"
  2. Prologue "Hybrid Remix"
  3. Who... "Who Dub It? -Main Mix-"
  4. And Then "Voice Spectral Mix"
  5. Immature "AM – 3:30 stylus Dub"
  6. Kanariya "Neutral Trigger Edit"
  7. Kanariya "engrave mix"
  8. Kanariya "W4M Peace & Be Wild Mix"
  9. Fly High "I.M.Remix"
  10. Fly High "Higher and Higher Mix"
  11. Fly High "POP'e.a' Mix"

Chart positions[edit]

Chart (2000) Peak
Time in
Japan Oricon 6 21 weeks
  • Total Sales: 515,410 (Japan)

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