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Ayub Bachchu
LRB Ayub Bachchu.jpg
Bachchu performing in a reality show (Oct 2014)
Background information
Native name আইয়ুব বাচ্চু
Also known as AB
Born (1962-08-16) August 16, 1962 (age 54)
Chittagong, Bangladesh.
Genres Hard rock, blues, soft rock, alternative rock[1]
Occupation(s) Musician, singer-songwriter
Instruments Guitar, vocals, bass, keyboards
Years active 1977–present
Labels AB Kitchen
Website ablrb.net

Ayub Bachchu (born 16 August 1962) is a Bangladeshi musician. He is best known as a founding member of the rock band LRB.[2] Ayub Bachchu..আইয়ুব বাচ্চু : is a famous Bangladeshi rock musician and one of the leading guitarists in the country. Born in 16 August at Chittagong, Bangladesh he was initially a member of the band Feelings and later he joined the band Souls as lead guitarist. Finally he formed his own band titled LRB (the acronym originally came from Little River Band, but since another band already had that name, Bachchu changed it to Love Runs Blind). LRB is the first band in Bangladeshi Band history to release two double albums. He is well known for his distinctive headgear and guitars. Even though he started out as a Rock musician he eventually branched out to the more mainstream music of Bangladesh. Nevertheless, Ayub Bachchu has contributed heavily to the development of Bangladeshi Rock Music. He is popular equally as a Singer as well as a Guitarist and Composer. Now, he is one of the greatest singers of all time in Bangladeshi history. He dedicated himself to promote all instrument player of Bangladesh and make instrument playing more popular here. Jimi Hendrix & Joe Satriani are his inspirations as a guitarist. Ayub Bachchu has his own recording Studio at Mogbazar, Dhaka named, AB Kitchen.

Early life and career[edit]

Bachchu was born in Chittagong. He started his music career there with the band FEELINGS in 1978. From 1980 to 1990, he was a member of Souls as lead guitarist. In 1991, he formed his own band, LRB. LRB released its first album as a double album, which contained hard rock songs like "Ghum Vanga Shohore" "Madhobi" and "Hoker" " Sesh Cithi keno amon Cithi hoy" "Happy" "Dhakar Sondha" Etc. this was first Double Album in Bangla Music History.

In 1993 LRB released their album "Sukh". It contained hard rock, blues, rock songs Like "Sukh" "Gotokal rate" "Khoniker Jonno" "Cholo Bodle Jai Known as Sei tumi" "Rupali guiter" etc. 'Cholo Bodle Jai' one of the greatest hits in Bangladeshi music era. written and tuned by Bachchu.

Beside Satriani and Hendrix, LRB draws inspirations from rock bands like Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Dire Straits, Led Zeppelin, Queen, and Nirvana.[citation needed]

Even though he started out as a rock musician, Bachchu eventually branched out to the more mainstream music of Bangladesh. His first instrumental album was Sound of Silence - 2007.[citation needed]

Bachchu was admitted to the CCU of a hospital in Dhaka on 27 November 2012 for the accretion of water in his lungs. He recovered after receiving treatment.[3]

Bachchu has currently collaborated with Radio Foorti to bring the new talents and fresh voices to spotlight by giving them platform to perform and shine.


Band Albums[edit]

  • LRB (Double Album) - 1992
  • Sukh - 1993
  • Tobuo - 1994
  • Ghumonto Shohore - 1995
  • Ferari Mon (LIVE UNPLUGGED-1996)
  • Shopno - 1996
  • Amader Bismoy (Double Album) - 1998
  • Mon Chaile Mon Pabe - 2000
  • Ochena Jibon - 2003
  • Mone Ache Naki Nei - 2005
  • Sporsho - 2008
  • Juddho - 2012

Solo albums[edit]

  • Rakto Golap (1986)
  • Moyna (1989)
  • Kosto (1995)
  • Shomoy (1998)
  • Eka (1999)
  • Prem Tumi Ki? (2000)
  • Duti Mon (2002)
  • Kafela (2002)
  • Prem Premer Moto (2003)
  • Pother Gaan (2004)
  • Vaatir Gaane Maatir Taane (2006)
  • Jibon (2006)
  • Sound of Silence (instrumental) (2007)
  • Rimjhim Brishti (2008)
  • Bolini Kokhono (2009)
  • Jiboner Golpo (2015)

Notable songs[edit]

  • Cholo Bodle Jai
  • Rupali Guitar
  • Hashte Dekho, Gaite Dekho
  • Ghum Vanga Shohore
  • Ghumonto Shohore
  • Dorojar Opashe
  • Ferari
  • Meye, Tumi ki Dukkho Ceno
  • Koshto Pete Bhalobasi"
  • Keu Sukhi Noy
  • Bela Seshe Fire Eshe
  • Ek Akasher Tara
  • Tara Bhora Rate
  • Palate Chai
  • Koshto Kake Bole
  • Moyna
  • Manush Boro Eka
  • Boro Babu Master
  • Ek Chala Tiner Ghor
  • Obhiman Niye
  • Amio Manush
  • Bangladesh
  • Rater Tara
  • Chad Mama, Ekta Chakri Hobe Mama ?
  • Kede Kede Jabo
  • Kar Kache Jabo
  • Apon Keu Nai
  • Paltola Nay
  • Mon Chaile Mon Pabe
  • Mone Ache Naki Nai ?
  • Tomake Bhalobasi
  • Ochena Jibon
  • Koshto'ta Ektu Kom Dile hoto Na ?
  • Sabitry Rai
  • Onimesh
  • School Jibon
  • Sare Tin Hat Mati
  • Amito Preme Porini
  • Lolona
  • Bonolota Shen
  • Tajmahal
  • Tin purush
  • O duniyar Manush
  • Baro Mash
  • Ki Kore Bolle Tumi ?
  • Vanga Mon
  • Nirobe
  • A-ha Jibon!
  • Oporichita
  • Kishor Kishori
  • Nodir Buke Chad
  • Ei Rupali Rat
  • Lokjon Kome Geche and many others.


Bachchu performing at a concert

Bachchu performed live with Richard & Le Gang (France); Remo Fernandez, Nandon Bugchi, and Bikram Gosh of India; and Azam Khan, Feelings ( Now Nogor Baul) Miles, Warfaze. He appeared as a judge on IIM Joka 'Rock Fest' (India), Benson and Hedges Star Search 1 and 2, and DRockstar 1. He has worked as a music director for the Late Azam Khan, Late Niloy Das, Khalid Hasan Milu, the late Shaikh Ishtiaqe, Nasim Ali Khan, Topon Chowdhury, Hasan Abedur Reza Jewel, Alam Ara Minu, Rupom, Jholok, and many others. He is one the panel judges of Bangladeshi Idol.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12]


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