Ayub National Park

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Ayub National Park
ایوب ملی باغ
Topi Rakh Park
IUCN category II (national park)
Map showing the location of Ayub National Park
Map showing the location of Ayub National Park
Location Jhelum road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Nearest city Rawalpindi
Coordinates 33°34′15″N 73°04′50″E / 33.57083°N 73.08056°E / 33.57083; 73.08056Coordinates: 33°34′15″N 73°04′50″E / 33.57083°N 73.08056°E / 33.57083; 73.08056

Ayub National Park, commonly known as Ayub Park or historically Topi Rakh Park (Rakh lit. reserve in Potwari), named after the Pakistani president and general Ayub Khan, is a national park located on Jhelum road not far away from the old presidency in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. The park was established before the creation of Pakistan and covers an area of 2,300 acres (930 ha).[dubious ][1][2]

Ayub national park garden
Ayub national park old tanks

It has a play area, lake with boating facility, an aquarium, a garden-restaurant and an open-air theater. This park hosts "The Jungle Kingdom" which is particularly popular among young residents of the city.[3]

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