Ayub National Stadium

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Ayub National Stadium
Ayub National Stadium is located in Pakistan
Ayub National Stadium
Ayub National Stadium
Location Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan
Coordinates 30°12′6″N 66°59′53″E / 30.20167°N 66.99806°E / 30.20167; 66.99806Coordinates: 30°12′6″N 66°59′53″E / 30.20167°N 66.99806°E / 30.20167; 66.9980630°07′N 66°35′E / 30.12°N 66.59°E / 30.12; 66.59
Owner Pakistan Cricket Board
Capacity 20,000[1]
Surface Grass
Balochistan cricket team, Quetta Bears, Quetta Gladiators

Ayub National Stadium formerly known as Baluchistan Cricket Association Ground is a multi-purpose stadium in Quetta, Pakistan. It is used for football and Cricket games. The stadium can hold 20,000 people. Most of the friendly matches are hosted in this stadium as it is superior to many other football grounds in Pakistan.

Records and Statistics History[edit]

Match Statistics [4]
Team A Team B Winner Margin Season Match Date Scorecards
Pakistan India India 4 Runs 1978/79 1 Oct. 1978 Scorecard[5]
Pakistan India Pakistan 46 Runs 1984-85 12 Oct. 1984 Scorecard[6]
Highest Partnership For Each Wicket in ODI[7]
Wicket Number Team A Team B Players Partnership Match Date
1st. Wicket Pakistan India RJ Shastri & SC Khanna 33 Runs 1984-85
2nd. Wicket Pakistan India Majid Khan & Zaheer Abbas 60 Runs 1978/79
3rd. Wicket Pakistan India Zaheer Abbas & Javed Miandad 74 Runs 1984-85
4th. Wicket Pakistan India GR Viswanath & DB Vengsarkar 12 Runs 1978/79
5th. Wicket Pakistan India DB Vengsarkar & M Amarnath 76 Runs 1978/79
6th. Wicket Pakistan India Hasan Jamil & Mohsin Khan 19 Runs 1978/79
7th. Wicket Pakistan India Manzoor Elahi & Mudassar Nazar 25 Runs 1984-85
8th. Wicket Pakistan India Madan Lal & C Sharma 9 Runs 1984-85
9th. Wicket Pakistan India Wasim Bari & Sarfraz Nawaz 27* Runs 1978/79
10th. Wicket Pakistan India C Sharma & Maninder Singh 17 Runs 1984-85
First-Class Records and Statistics[8]
Matches Team A Team B Match Date Season
1 Quetta Pakistan Customs 20 October 1974 1974-75
2 Baluchistan Governor's XI West Indies 12 October 1986 1986-87
3 Baluchistan Governor's XI Australia 9 September 1988 1988-89
4 Baluchistan Governor's XI Sri Lanka A 24 March 1989 1988-89

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