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Directed by Santosh Batt, Shiladitya Sen & Gautam Deva
Creative director(s) Anjali Bhushan Nugyai
Starring See Below
Opening theme "Ayushmaan" by Sonu Nigam
Country of origin India
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 163
Editor(s) Gaurav Deep
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Cinevistaas Limited
Original network Sony Entertainment Television India
Picture format 480i (SDTV)
Original release 2004 – 2005
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Ayushmaan is a Hindi language Indian television serial on Sony Entertainment Television Asia (Global), started late in 2004. It is a story of a child medical genius.[1]


The popular soap was the story of a teenager whose carefree adolescence is pitted against the responsibilities that his medical profession demands from him. It later leads to heart-rending conflicts. It is a based on a true child prodigy who became a qualified doctor at the age of 17.[2]

The blessings of his parents give him an optimistic outlook to life and the strength that will help him to keep on his chosen path. Being a practicing doctor, Ayushmaan remains a teenager at heart and everything turns topsy-turvy when Cupid strikes. He falls in love with another doctor who is much senior to him and once again makes a tough struggle to strike a balance between his professional and personal life.

In trying to fit in with his peers and gain acceptance he paid no attention to academics and intentionally just managed to scrape through school and college. The dean of a renowned hospital, Dr. Sunaina Seth, recognizes his talent and forces him to acknowledge and accept his strengths. From here begins his journey of self-realization and he becomes the youngest qualified doctor.


The show started with a lot of promise as it dealt with child geniuses. It showed in detail how most of the child geniuses in the Indian subcontinent go through rejection because they end up doing something different from the common mass. All was going fine till the time the protagonist falls in love with Tani.

The story lost its original track after just 50 episodes. Moving from Tani to Sonya to Kavya, the soap in the later stages became the chronicle of Ayushmaan's love life. Then the character of Ayushmaan's brother Bodhi who was first shown as autistic all of a sudden turned out to be the villain. The series ended after 163 episodes having steadily lost its initial popularity.


Cast exchange[edit]

Vinod Singh to Sudeep Sahir for Ayushmaan[edit]

As the wonder doctor in Ayushmaan, Vinod Singh was forced to make an exit from show in November 2004. This was after he allegedly bashed up a studio hand during an Ayushmaan shoot at the Cinevistaas studio in Kanjur Marg.

He had taken offence when a helper from the neighbouring set brushed past his co-star Tani (Neha Mehta). The channel had described his action has "unfortunate" and said they "did not subscribe to such behaviour". Later, Sudeep Sahir handled the role of Ayushmaan.[3][4][5]



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