The Days of Sadat

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Ayam El Sadat
Ayam Sadat.jpg
DVD cover
Directed byMohamed Khan
Produced byAhmad Zaki
Written byAhmed Bahgat
StarringAhmad Zaki
Mervat Amin
Mona Zaki
Music byYasser Abdel-Rahman
CinematographyTarek El-Telmessani
Edited byKhaled Merhi
Nadia Shoukry
Release date
26 June 2001
Running time
165 minutes
BudgetEGP 6,000,000

Ayyam El Sadat (Arabic: أيام السادات‎, English: The Days of Sadat) is a 2001 Egyptian biographical film about President of Egypt Anwar Al Sadat. The movie starred several prominent actors, with Ahmad Zaki as the Egyptian president. It is considered to be one of Zaki's greatest performances, capturing intimate details about the president in great accuracy. One notable characteristic of Sadat was his speech pattern, which Ahmad Zaki captured strongly in his performance.

The movie included several prominent actors of Egypt, including:

Director Mohamed Khan received high praise for his directing of the movie. However, some critics[who?] claimed that the movie was a bit too biased, since it only focused on the writings of Sadat himself from his book, In Search of an Identity.

When the movie was released in 2001, it attracted a huge following in Egypt, ranking as one of Egypt's highest grossing movies. This was Zaki's second biographical movie, following Nasser 56.

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