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Ayyub Guliyev
Born (1954-06-01) 1 June 1954 (age 64)
Alma materAzerbaijan State University
Scientific career
InstitutionsShamakhi Astrophysical Observatory

Ayyub Salah oglu Guliyev (Azerbaijani: Əyyub Salah oğlu Quliyev; birth date 1 June 1954) is an Azerbaijani astronomer, researcher in the field of comets and small bodies. He is a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, professor, corresponding member of ANAS and a former director of the Shamakhi Astrophysical Observatory.[1] He is member of the International Astronomical Union and European Astronomical Society.

Scientific activities[edit]

Exploring the comet systems, Guliyev has found more than 50 new regularities. He studied the question of the interaction of comets and planets, has predicted an existence of unknown planetary bodies in the trans-neptunian zone. Guliyev has advanced a new theory on the origin of short-perihelion comet groups.

Jointly with S. K.Vsekhsvyatsky he has predicted tectonic activity of moons of Uranus. Guliyev has predicted the imminent opening of the Neptunian rings before their discoveres. He studied the phenomenon of decrease of the absolute brightness of comets, studied and interpreted the distribution of long-period comets nodes and aphelion.

Guliyev is an author of over 170 scientific articles, including three books. The minor planet 18749 Ayyubguliev is named after him.

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  • A new theory of the periodic comets
  • Creating the concept of an unknown planet
  • Creating a brand new digital catalog of the orbits and comets


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