Az-Zubair Prize for Innovation and Scientific Excellence

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Az-Zubair Prize for Innovation and Scientific Excellence is an annual Sudanese scientific prize awarded by the President of Sudan for scientific innovation and creativity in applied and technological fields.


On November 7, 1998, President Omer Al-Bashir passed a bill to establish an annual scientific award for innovation and scientific excellence that commemorate General Az-Zubair Mohammed Salih, former Sudan's vice president who died in an aeroplane crash. The award is governed by the Association for the Promotion of Scientific Innovation (APSI), a specialized organization that was established by General Az-Zubair for sponsoring technological advances and scientific research.

Prize types[edit]

The prize is divided onto two major levels:

  • Special Honorary Prize - awarded for individuals who had great distinctive works and great scientific position that majorly contributed to the society.
  • Competitors level is divided onto three sub-categories:
    • Scientific level - open to higher ceritificate holders and researchers
    • Youth level - open to students and graduates of universities and higher institutions
    • Talented level - open to anyone that presents valuable and empirical invention or creative work that reflects talent and excellence and has a great value for the society

Prize fields[edit]

The general fields of the Az-Zubair Prize are:


The prize award is composed of:

  • A medallion of science, awarded by the President of Sudan
  • Scientific patent bearing the name of the winner and abstract for winning
  • Monetary award of SDD20 million Sudanese dinar (equivalent to $90,000) distributed among the winners

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