Az Zubair Field

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Az Zubair Field
Az Zubair Field is located in Iraq
Az Zubair Field
Location of Az Zubair Field
Coordinates30°21′N 47°36′E / 30.35°N 47.60°E / 30.35; 47.60Coordinates: 30°21′N 47°36′E / 30.35°N 47.60°E / 30.35; 47.60
PartnersSouth Oil Company
Missan Oil Company
Service contractorsEni
Occidental Petroleum Corporation
Korea Gas Corporation
Field history
Current production of oil195,000 barrels per day (~9.72×10^6 t/a)
Estimated oil in place4,500 million barrels (~6.1×10^8 t)
Producing formationsUpper Cretaceous Mishrif formation; Lower Cretaceous Zubair formation

The Az Zubair Field (Arabic: حقل الزبير‎), also known as Az-Zubayr, is an oil field located in southern Iraq, west of Basrah. It is one of the largest fields in the world and was discovered by the Basrah Petroleum Company, an associate of the Iraq Petroleum Company, in 1949. It has 4.5 billion barrels (~6.1×10^8 t) of proven reserves and currently produces 195 thousand barrels per day (31.0×10^3 m3/d) but in the next years, under the field's expansion programme, production is expected to reach a plateau level of 1.125 million barrels per day (178.9×10^3 m3/d).[1]

The development contract has been awarded to a consortium led by Eni (32.81%) with Occidental Petroleum Corporation (23.44%), Korea Gas Corporation (18.75%) and Iraq's state-run Missan Oil Company (25%).[2]


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