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Azad Peroz, known in Arabic sources as Azad Firuz, was a Sasanian nobleman who served as the governor of Bahrain during the reign of Khosrau II (590-628). The Arabs gave him the nickname of "Mukabir" (the mutilating), because he cut the hands and feet of other people.[1] He was the son of a man named Gushnasp.

According to a tradition, a caravan of gifts sent by the Sasanian governor Vahriz to Khosrau II was attacked by the Banu Yarbu tribe. Khosrau II then ordered the governor of Bahrain, Azad Peroz, to punish the tribe. To do that, Azad Peroz invited the Banu Yarbu tribe to the Moshakkar Castle in Hajar, where he killed everyone except the boys, who were sent in captivity to Estakhr.

During the rise of Islam, Azad Peroz converted to the religion and later died during the reign of Caliph Umar.[1]